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Inreco doo was founded in 2019. with the participation of Danish and Hungarian investors, with the prime intent of introducing and promoting the environment-friendly and cost-effective technologies already in practice in the European Union. Following years of tough work and step-by-step development Inreco successfully set foot in the road rehabilitation business. Today, Inreco is one of the well-established players in the road construction industry. It is part of Inreco Group with affiliates operating in Denmark, Hungary, Czech Rep., Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Germany and Croatia.

From the foundation, Inreco has been devoted to the principle of Sustainable Development and to the utilisation of environment cautious technologies.

To our clients we offer services in standard and specialised civil engineering. However, the flagships of our business activity are the repair, rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing roads with
COLD RECYCLING technologies.

Stabilizing technology we offer to our clients on construction job sites where load-bearing capacity of the earth under-structure is insufficient. Our technology can improve mechanical characteristics with pulverized and chemical additives. Stabilizing is highly cost and time-efficient compared to removing and replacing unstable soil layers, hence the growing demand on job sites like road and railroad construction, new logistic facilities, shopping centers, and parking lots.

Cold milling technologyis one of the most important in our business portfolio. Our milling machines are of the highest standard Wirtgen made machines.

With our Impact technology we can carry out concrete cracking and demolition jobs with very high productivity. This powerful technology is also suitable for deep compaction of earthworks.



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Inreco TEAM

Hugó Bőkúti

General Manager
e-mail: bokuti.hugo@inreco.hu, inreco@inreco.rs


Tóth Péter Bálint

Business Development Manager

email: toth.peter@inreco.hu


Bojan Matić


e-mail: bojan.matich@gmail.com


Marko Tadić

Construction Site Manager

e-mail: marko.tadic@inreco.rs