Soil stabilization – Soil stabilization is a group of earthworks technologies for improving soil characteristics during the construction process and for improving mechanical properties and bearing properties. The two main technological methods are soil improvement and soil consolidation.

Cold recycling – Cold recycling is an economically efficient and environmentally friendly method for the production of base layers with homogenizing layers of the existing road with repair additives, required binders, and water.

Cold milling – Road maintenance usually requires the removal of part of the existing structure, for which today the simplest method is cold milling.

Shoulder Paving / Road Widening – In the processes of building embankments and widening the road, the machine works four times faster than traditional methods, and the daily production can reach 1500 m3.

Impactor – Impact technology is a unique and innovative technology for compacting and breaking pavements and curtains developed at the end of the 20th century.

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