Shoulder Paving / Road Widening

In the processes of building embankments and widening the road, the machine works four times faster than traditional methods, and the daily production can reach 1500 m3.

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Shoulder Paving / Road Widening


Road widening and shoulder building with traditional methods normally involve using side-dump-trucks, a lot of manual labor, or grader. These technologies have many drawbacks such as:

– Low productivity
– Expensive
– Damaging the already finished pavement

Our Road widener machines are an ideal solution to these problems. These machines are not serial made but specially converted from asphalt finishers to suit road widening and shoulder paving applications. They are equipped with a cross conveyor in the material hopper and a spreading box on the side of the machine with a working width of 0,75 – 3 m. The thickness of the laid material is only limited by compactibility. The machine can lay most road construction materials such as:

– Earth filler
– Protection layer
– Mechanical stabilization
– Base course concrete
– Asphalt


Shoulder Paving

In shoulder paving operations the machine works four times the speed of traditional methods and daily output can reach 1500 m3. In addition, the sidewalls of the spreading box prevent material overflowing down the embankment as it usually happens when spreading with grader. As a result, a significant reduction of wasted material can be realized.

Road Widening

Road widener is capable of working up to 3m. Traveling right on the edge of the road it lays material to the extension area with a specified level and slope.

Key Benefits of Shoulder Paving and Road Widening:

– High production output
– Economical
– Saves material quantity
– Clean asphalt surface on the job site
– Suitable for most materials